Floppy Hat Favs

Floppy Hat Favs

Why are vacations always too short? Insert crying face emoji. I love me a good floppy hat. Did I pack four of them for my five day vacation to Mexico? Yes. Nothing to be ashamed about. This Asos hat was hands down my favorite though. Floppy hats are hard for me to buy due to the fact that I have a baby head. However, I rolled the dice and purchased this hat online at Asos. You can never tell these days how big or small a floppy hat will be when you see it online. I had a few oversized hat fails prior to this one. But, this hat was perfect. Just a tad smaller that “oversized” and big enough to make a statement.  However, there are so many hats to choose from. Below I’ve rounded up my favorite floppy hats all under $100. Whether you want to be a beach babe or sport some tribal tassels I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these hats. Either way for the price you’ll be Trendy Not Spendy on your next vacation.   1. Lurex Braided Floppy Hat 2. Betsey Johnson Beach Babe Hat 3. Pom Pom Tassel Straw Hat 4. Rent the Runway Straw Hat 5. Pitsil Uptown Brim Hat 6. Pom Pom Tassle Hat 7. Asos Fray Trimmed Hat

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