I’ve just began my Rocksbox love affair. Being a Stella & Dot stylist I’ve been able to get 50% off their jewelry. However, I’ve spent anywhere between $80-$200 on statement pieces alone. Then a friend recommended Rocksbox.

It’s NetFlix for jewelry! Rocksbox is unlimited designer jewelry for $19/month. The entire process is just a few easy steps. First you get 3 pieces on loan, wear it, send it back, get 3 new pieces and the cycle continues.

When you’re an accessory addict like me this is the best solution. Take a peek at my first months shipment. Can we first talk about how adorable the box is? Then to top it off they say Hey Jenna! Love it!  It’s just too darn cute. I love these delicate pieces and I can’t wait to see what the future months have in store. Tech Crunch and Forbes agree that Rocksbox is Trendy Not Spendy.




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